• Knitted mesh Cordura AFT and AFT+ for maximum airflow
  • Knitted Cordura AFT two layers strengthening on elbows
  • Highly breathable AFT+ material on sleeves and sides
Adjustability and fit
  • Width adjustment on upper arm with snap fasteners
  • Cuffs with zippers and Velcro tightening in hem 
  • A crotch strap and a long connecting zipper for trousers
Pockets (3 outside, 2 inside)
  • Two front pockets with one watertight pocket inside the right pocket
  • Two pockets inside
Rukka D3O Air protectors for optimum comfort with maximum protection
  • D3O® Evo Range shoulder and elbow (fits well for ladies) protectors, CE Norm EN 1621-1 2012
  • Pocket for Rukka D3O® Air All back and Full Back protector

34 - 50


1,75 kg in size 38 with protectors