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The new Rukka “Realer”

everything a cutting-edge textile suit is able to offer today

The “Realer” functional suit is distinguished by state of the art features, ranging from the Gore-Tex Pro three-layer stretch laminate and the new Rukka D3O chest protector to the YKK AquaSeal front zipper. The highlight though is its high-quality down inner suit.

The Finns have managed to develop an extremely warm detachable inner suit with a high-quality down filling that ensures a great micro climate without being bulky. This is the only way to ensure the outer suit has a great fit even when it is worn without the inner one. Another contribution to the perfect fit is of course the highly elastic outer material of the Realer, made of especially comfortable Gore-Tex Pro three-layer laminate. It ensures durable waterproof protection and great breathability, while exposed areas are protected by abrasion-resistant reinforcements made of Armacor. In addition, the jacket is distinguished by a 100% waterproof AquaSeal front zipper, a skin-friendly neoprene collar, a removable neck protector and wind- and waterproof cuffs.

Vents with zippers let in cooling air when needed. A total of eight pockets offer plenty of storage options. For the first time, the protectors on the joints and the All Back back protector of the Realer – all of them CE-certified Rukka 3DO protectors – are complemented by a Rukka 3DO Air chest protector which is tested according to the current PPE directive and which can be removed very easily. The Rukka 3DO Air protectors combine optimum comfort with maximum protection thanks to their soft material that instantly multiplies crash damping in case of an impact. In addition, the Realer suit of course offers plenty of width adjusters and the climate regulating AirCushion system on the inside of the seat area, as well as Antiglide-Keprotec on its outside.

The black Realer suit is available at your friendly Rukka dealer with a choice of yellow, orange or grey applications and in the sizes 46 through 62 (grey up to 66).

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