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Rukka and Gore – a partnership spanning three decades

Exactly 30 years ago, Rukka launched its first motorcycle riding suite equipped with a Gore-Tex membrane, laying the foundation for the mutual success story of Rukka and Gore. At the INTERMOT in Cologne, both companies now joined in a shared “Happy Hour” at the Rukka booth to celebrate a productive and sustained cooperation whose significance for the development of functional motorcycling apparel is unprecedented.

2016 has been a year of milestone anniversaries in textile apparel for motorcyclists: 50 years ago, the Rukka brand name came into being; 40 years ago, Gore concluded the development of the first outdoor jacket with a membrane; and 30 years ago, Rukka launched the first textile motorcycle riding suit with a Gore-Tex membrane, setting completely new standards for motorcyclists regarding comfort and safety.
But actually, all of that began even a little sooner: The history of the Finnish brand dates back to the year 1950, even though it took founder Roger Störling another 16 years before he gave his company the name Rukka. Bob Gore developed the microporous PTFE structure that blazed the trail for today’s Gore-Tex membrane already in 1969, but only seven years later, the first jacket equipped with it became ready for production. The first waterproof and breathable textile suit for motorcyclists was also not developed within a few days – however, Rukka launched it in 1986 at the IFMA in Cologne, the precursor of today’s INTERMOT trade fair. The chronicler’s duty mandates to note that another player also launched a similar functional textile suit at that very same fair. Today though, that competitor does not offer textile suits with Gore-Tex membranes any more. That means the 30-year collaboration of Rukka and Gore is and remains without parallel and retains its unique significance for the history of motorcyling apparel.