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The motorbike suit with the "T-shirt effect" – The new Rukka "AirAll" has arrived

It might surprise you to know it's the Finns from the cold North, of all people, who know how to deal with especially hot days. Wearing a Rukka “AirAll” suit, motorcyclists just stay cool even when things heat up. The key words are Cordura AFT and AFT+.

Summer 2016 has taught us a lesson: even in our country you might go through hot wet days with 30 or 35° C in the shade. What to do? Ride without protective clothing, risk a heat stroke, or refrain from motorcycling? Nothing of the sort! The answer comes from Rukka and is AirAll. This new suit from the AirPower collection is made of extraordinary wide-meshed, extremely air permeable Cordura AFT. At the sleeves and the sides of the jacket as well as at the trouser legs and the trousers’ seat area, even more coarsely meshed AFT+ is used. The wind can get through the wide mesh with almost no resistance, cooling the body while the sweat can also evaporate freely. Nevertheless, passive safety is ensured – by the high abrasion resistance of Cordura AFT and of AFT+, by the reinforcement of exposed zones and due to the CE certified Rukka D3O Air joint protectors, which are very comfortable but multiply their crash protection in the very moment of an impact. Thanks to a back protector sleeve, the jacket can even be upgraded with either a Rukka Full Back or an All Back protector.

In total five pockets – one with a waterproof pocket bag inside – offer storage space for wallet, mobile and other utensils. The AirAll jacket is available in sizes 46 through 66 at well-sorted Rukka dealers, either in light grey or in black with grey or orange graphics. The black AirAll trousers come in an even greater variety of sizes: besides the regular 46 through 64, there is the extra long legged 48 through 58 and the 48 through 66 short version.


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