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New from Rukka – “Kim” midlayer with Outlast temperature regulation

“Kim”, the new Outlast underwear by Rukka maintains a comfortable, well-balanced micro climate within the motorcycle garment, even when outside temperatures change rapidly.

The long sleeve shirt and the long johns of the Kim set are made of an elastic knitted fabric which has a fleece inner surface to provide great thermal insulation and to ensure that both are very comfortable to wear even directly on the skin. The elasticity means the garments have a tight, body-hugging fit and adapt to the wearer’s motions. Above all, Kim helps getting the most out of the benefits of modern functional textile motorcycling apparel: instead of soaking up sweat like cotton fabric does, it wicks away the moisture, transporting it outside to the next layer of garments.

The new Rukka midlayers offer yet another advantage: active temperature balancing. Thanks to Outlast, they compensate rapid temperature changes as encountered on mountain passes or in sudden changes of weather. Should the temperature within the protective apparel rise, the fleece will cool. If the temperature sinks, it has a warming effect. The result is a pleasant micro climate beneath the protective clothing that helps you concentrate, for those final touches of riding fun.

The long sleeve shirt Kim which has a short front zipper is available at well sorted Rukka dealers in black with blue pipings. The long johns Kim come in black with an option of blue or grey pipings. Both are offered in the unisex sizes S through 3XL.


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