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High quality, highly visible: Rukka “Vis Vest”

Being visible is vitally important for motorcyclists; they are always in danger because of their small silhouette. CE type approved, the high visibility “Vis Vest” by Rukka helps motorcyclists stand out.

Bright neon yellow is not everybody’s favourite colour, and motorcyclists enjoy a good argument about hi-viz vests just as much as one about flip-up helmets. In any event, the fact that you are seen more easily by other road users is simply undisputable. That is why more and more motorcyclists decide never to ride without one again. Getting a supposedly cheap one from the nearest hardware store though would be a false economy. Such cheap products will not only flutter annoyingly in the wind but can also slide up at higher speeds, largely losing the signalling effect.

So if you do it, do it right: with a tight fit, a high-quality front zipper and some highly elastic stretch inserts on its sides, fluttering is impossible for the Vis Vest by Rukka and a perfect fit is ensured at all times. In addition, a rubberised area in the waist also helps keep the vest down. Thanks to the coarse mesh structure of its outer material, a functional membrane jacket worn beneath it retains full breathability. Nevertheless, the material is particularly tear resistant, so it even helps to improve the abrasion resistance of the protective apparel worn underneath. The fluorescent colour of the Vis Vest is especially lightfast, helping it retain its signalling effect for a long time in its entirety. In addition, its 3M reflective facing ensures visibility even at night and in poor visibility conditions.
High-visibility vests fall under what is termed personal safety equipment, necessitating a type approval following CE standards. The Rukka Vis Vest conforms to the EU guideline PPE (CE-89/686/EEC). It is available at well-stocked specialty retailers in the signal colour neon yellow and in the unisex sizes XS through 3XL