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Crashed in the UK

I wanted to send a note to say how incredibly pleased I am at having bought some of you motorcycle equipment just six months ago. Two weeks ago I hit a car at between 30 and 40 mph because an elderly driver turned across me. I hit the car, flew in to the air and did a 360 somersaulted before landing about 12 metres away in the gutter. I landed flat on my back and did not slide hence the landing impact must have been enormous. I am 57 years old so although I am reasonably healthy my body is now less inclined to take physical abuse well. The D30 back protector in my suit must have worked fantastically as I appeared to just have a slightly bruised back. I got up almost immediately and after being cleared by paramedics I helped lift my wrecked bike onto the breakdown truck! Not long after the crash the car driver was introduced to me in the ambulance because he had to be reassured that I was not dead given the severity of the crash! A day later it came to light that I had in fact fractured a rib which is now recovering well and the only regret I have is that I did not have a full back protector as it clearly broke across the protector edge. Having cleaned the suit of mud, there is zero evidence of a crash despite my helmet being a write off.

Whenever friends see the pictures of the accident they, nor I, can believe that I just walked away and the paramedics did not even send me to the hospital! 

The technology in your suites is clearly worth the price and I will always buy Rukka equipment in future.

Thank you very much from a very grateful customer.

Brian from the UK