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Chariklo & Charikla

Everything that makes Rukka so special - the new “Chariklo” and “Charikla” jackets

Two motorcycling jackets named for heavenly bodies open up an affordable entry to Rukka’s world of defence and comfort.

The asteroid “Chariklo” was only sighted for the first time in 1997, and “Charikla” is still waiting to be discovered on the firmament. Down here on earth though, people in Finland are once again ahead of their times, naming a pair of heavenly and especially fancy-looking jackets after these minor planets. With similar but well differentiated designs, both once again prove that the Rukka way of a matching couples’ look has its boot on a completely different foot than enforced conformity.

The jackets not only look good, they also offer plenty of protection. Their top material is tear and abrasion resistant Cordura 500, while the shoulders, elbows and lower arms are protected by the highly comfortable Rukka D3O protectors, certified according to the latest CE standards, whose crash protection multiplies in the instant an impact occurs. A comfortable Gore-Tex Z-liner keeps the wearer reliably dry in the rain, while the removable thermal lining makes for cosy warmth on cold days. Two-way zippers on the sides increase ventilation if necessary. The special clou: both jackets have detachable safety colour panels in high-vis yellow, so even highly safety conscious motorcyclists can dispense with additional reflective vests.

The men’s jacket Chariklo is available in the sizes 46 through 66 and can be combined with the Fuel trousers or any other Rukka trousers for men by a long connective zip. Tailored to the female anatomy, the women’s jacket Charikla is available in the sizes 36 through 50. It is a great match for the Fuel Lady trousers. Both jackets are on stock in red, grey and black, the trousers come in black.