Rukka Neuigkeiten

Congratulations to Mike Schram for the World Record!

On March 6th Mike Scrham crossed Australian National Heritage, the Memorial Arch on the Great Ocean Road and set the World Record as the youngest person to have circumnavigated the world on a motorcycle at 19 years of age!
It was an emotional moment for Mike. When he rode under the arch our intercoms went silent, 120,000 km and 3,5 years in the making, 3,5 years of memories (good and bad) suddenly all came together in this one single moment.
Congratulations Mike & Aad! We are proud of you and our co-operation!

Mike Shram and his father Aad Shram thank Rukka for our co-operation:  “We want to thank you for your support. We certainly could not have done it without your help. We certainly have had a lot of replies regarding our test of the Rukka jackets and know a couple of complete suits have been sold because of it!